Lighting, Electronics, Power & Signal Distribution

The LED Systems Group … a portfolio of electrical products and services supporting the automotive, heavy truck, agricultural and marine industries. We combine the experience and resources of talented engineers, industry executives and manufacturing facilities around the globe to provide you with innovative commercial and technical solutions. Challenge us to meet and exceed your illumination, electronic and electrical systems requirements!


Design, Development, Manufacturing

  • Incandescent and LED Lighting Systems
  • Electrical Wiring Systems
    - Power & Signal Distribution
  • Electronics
    - Device, Logic & Signal Control
  • Electrical Machines
    - Motors, Generators, Actuators
  • Electromechanical Devices


Commercial and Technical

  • Overseas Manufacturing & Sourcing
    • Products
    • Injection Mold Tools
  • Development, Design and Validation
  • CAD Services Group
    • CAD Design/Modeling
    • File Translation/Conversion
  • Sales and Marketing Development

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LED Turn Signal Lamp with Complex Reflector Optics Technology

24 LED Stop-Tail-Turn Lamp with Projector Style - Bezel Dispersion Optics